About Antique Bracket & Mantel Clocks – W.F. Bruce Bracket & Mantel Clocks For Sale East Sussex

Exceptional bracket and mantel clocks by fine early makers

As with the longcase clocks, we have on display bracket clocks by some fine early makers. We select table clocks especially for their innovation and design, such as the lancet top bracket clock by John Barwise. It features a deadbeat escapement on the back plate and beating half seconds as shown on the convex silvered dial.

There is also an exceptionally pretty example by Joseph Rhodes of Hull with concentric calendar in the centre of an early painted dial with garlands of flowers, roses and strawberries in the spandrels. This is probably painted by the early dial painter, Osborne in Birmingham.

Not currently on display but undergoing restoration is a fine table regulator, beating half seconds with a seconds dial and showing seconds by Norman of Pimlico. The dial has apertures for day, date and, additionally, month.

Barwise, London. Ca 1825.

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