Lantern Clock Exhibition

A limited amount of catalogues from our lantern clock exhibition are still available.

‘The exhibition’ was the second exhibition of early domestic C17th Lantern clocks we have held, which spanned the years of 1600-1700. It was a unique opportunity to see some of the earliest clocks ever assembled in one place. These were sourced from private collectors and our own collection.

Included in the exhibition were five clocks from the workshop of William Bowyer, one of the earliest Lantern clockmakers working around 1616 onwards. Bowyers’ work set the standard for English clockwork and in the following century of clock making, was seldom equalled. The wonderful clocks he left us predate the spring table clocks of famous makers like Thomas Tompion by 50 years.

There are a small number of lantern clocks from the exhibition now available for sale; this includes the fine quarter striking clock by John Shaw and the 1630 clock from the workshop of William Bowyer.

The exhibition has generated a huge amount of interest, and as a result we are hoping to be able to offer two further outstanding clocks for sale. Please do drop into our showroom, where these fine examples are still on show, or contact us for further details.

View our range of early English lantern clocks for sale

A limited number of catalogues are still available, from both our 2004 and 2014 exhibition. Both catalogues are priced at £25 each plus postage. A few hardback copies are available of the 2014 exhibition, priced at £35 plus postage. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

W.F.Bruce Antiques - The Exhibition Showroom

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