Harben, Polhill and Newman, Formerly ‘Herseys’, Cliffe High Street, Sussex

This clock is most interesting because it carries the names of two men, who both have other clocks signed with their name on them but neither of whom may be clockmakers. In this instance it is more intriguing as by this date the Harben signed on the dial was probably Henry, the son of Thomas who had already left Lewes.

However, the existence of a fine 30 hour longcase with a regulator dial beautifully signed for Newman; and another signed Polhill and Newman means that we cannot totally exclude the possibility that they were involved in clockmaking, amongst their other business activities.

Nevertheless it seems almost certain that this clock was made to confirm the partnership between the three men and would have been an attractive addition to their establishment.

The oak case which has the very particular hood mouldings used by the Lewes makers has the same moulding inverted for the base, which accentuates the slim trunk as it descends into the base.

It was discovered a little while ago in a rather dilapidated state in a barn in Alfriston, so it especially pleasing to have been able to rescue and conserve this unique piece of Lewes history.

Price. £3250. Circa. 1800