John Shaw Lantern Clock, London

John Shaw was born in about 1661. He began his apprenticeship to Thomas Taylor of Holborn in June 1675 and served seven years, attaining his freedom of the Clockmakers’ Company in September 1682. He was a prolific maker, better known for his bracket and longcase clocks, which are always well made with handsome dials and usually signed “John Shaw Holborn”. He took 15 apprentices in all, including his son, and became Master of the Clockmakers’ Company in 1712.

Quarter-striking lantern clocks are far less common during this period than the standard house clocks that were generally available, and would have been considerably more expensive to produce. They could therefore only have been afforded by the very wealthy or by institutions.  Further details are available in our 2014 exhibition catalogue.

Circa. c1695