Thomas Barrett of Lewes, Ca 1700.



Thomas Barrett the son of Edward Barrett clock and gunsmith of Lewes is one of the earliest makers we know whose work survives. He was a very able maker with a long working life covering  a period when there was a crossover from Lantern clock to Longcase.  Some fine examples of both 8 day and 30 hour clocks survive, but very few Lantern clocks. In fact this is the only wholly complete and original example we have seen.   It has a brass hand (more commonly seen on West Country clocks)  over a well engraved and signed dial centre. It has a long pendulum and Anchor escapement.

He took several apprentices including notably; John Mercer in 1713, later of Hythe. John Feron in1717,  Lewes. Thomas Harben in 1724 , Lewes. Henry Baker in 1726, later of West Malling. (Hen Baker went on to take a Lewes apprentice Sam Ollive.) Thomas had a very long working life as examples of his work even later than this are known. The  number of surviving clocks by his successful apprentices suggest he was indeed a master clockmaker. He was buried at All Saints  in 1752 aged 87 years. He had married his wife Tabitha Button in 1691. She survived him by just two months.

Price. £6850 Circa. 1700