Inspiration for the 18th C Wm Hooker of Lewes Dial.


A rare and unusual depiction of political affairs at the turn of the 19th century is featured on this finely made Lewes 30 hour longcase. William Hooker is a maker I feel has  often been overlooked, but is making his presence felt with this, the third longcase we have had from him displaying patriotic pride and excellence in dial painting . Almost certainly sourced from the fine Birmingham dial painters of the period it is enclosed in a very neat 11″ light oak case which arrived in a rather poor condition but has responded well to restoration. Small, pretty and excellent quality.           Hooker was clearly particular about his dials as one other very fine 8 day  longcase is noted with similarly fine painting to the break arch with Britannia astride her chariot. The cut steel interlaced hands are of a type favoured by other Lewes makers including his contemporary John Holman.


Height 207 cms. Width 43 cms. Depth 23 cms.

Price. £3400. Circa. 1805