About Antique Lewes Clocks

We have for some years now been researching the social history surrounding the lives of the Lewes clockmakers and the Lewes clocks, and it is fascinating to discover the interaction between the various clockmaking families, such as the Westons of Lewes and through business and marriage. Some of them arrived in Lewes to escape religious persecution and, as is the case elsewhere in the country, brought with them their skills.

Makers such as Richard Comber were feted in their lifetime for the quality of their work on Lewes clocks and included in the private collections of notable connoisseurs. Today, they are still admired for the particular attention to detail and sense of style. They certainly influenced a generation of Sussex and Kent clockmakers.

In 2014 W.F.Bruce held an exhibition of 12 Lewes clocks, including the work of Richard Comber, Thomas Barrett, Abraham Weston, William Kemp, Thomas Harben, Polhill & Newman, Samuel Ollive, John Holman, William Hooker, William Tanner, John Barnett and Berncastle & Solomon.

Established over 30 years ago, we now have three showrooms with well over 150 clocks and 20 barometers on display, including good examples of Lewes clocks for sale, some which are not on our website, so do phone us for details.

William Kemp, Lewes, Sussex C.1770

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