Beveridge of Kirkaldy, Circa 1840

  • Price £7,600

A fine early Victorian domestic regulator stamped on the front plate with the makers punch, the very high quality of this clock suggest either a private commission or perhaps it was intended as a demonstration of the quality of work undertaken by Beveridge.

The deadbeat escapement is fitted with screwed-on support to the bridge pallets and has Harrison’s maintaining power. The piercing of the snail is to relieve weight alongside the steel jump and roller bearing for the star wheel attached to it. It is matched to 5 spoke crossings throughout. The winding barrels have also been given screwed on extra bearings and themselves have steel springs and ratchets, the hammer has also been provided with a roller bearing on the Arbor to slide across the thick steel blade spring.

The plates of the movement themselves are just over 8″ tall, and are an eighth of an inch thick. The movement which is fitted with four massive steel screws and brass collets is itself attached to the thick pine (7/8 of an inch) seat board by two substantial and well finished bolts.

The dial is 14 inches in diameter and has been carefully restored exactly as per the original dial which shows both subsidiary seconds and monthly calendar.

Details on the wood rod pendulum are also extremely well finished, the massive brass pendulum to which it is fitted is suspended from a separate brass bridge on the backboard to support the weight.  Additionally the rating nut within the cradle type pendulum is engraved and calibrated with divisions for clarity and ease of regulation. The movement is driven by a pair of  pierced and screwed brass pulleys. Overall, an exceptional piece of work.



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