Abraham Weston I, Lewis, Sussex

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This is a rare clock from one of the early Lewes makers. The oak case, which is of unusually small proportions, stands just under 77 inches in height and is fitted with a blind lenticle very much in the style of Thomas Barrett of Lewes, his contemporary.  The 12 inch break arch dial is, very unusually, fitted with a calendar aperture in the break arch. This is visible through a ringed decoration surrounded by fine floral engraving.

At least one other example with a similar dial by Weston is known, but of 30 hour duration. However, they are extremely rare.

This clock is of 8 day duration and strikes the hours on a bell. The dial centre is matted and engraved with birds around the subsidiary seconds ring and is wound through matching ringed winding apertures. The signature is engraved on a bold cartouche applied above the 6 o’clock chapter.

Abraham is the first in a succession of Weston clock and gunsmiths working in Lewes spanning five generations working in the town for over one hundred years.


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