About Antique Lantern Clocks – W.F. Bruce Lantern Clocks For Sale East Sussex

Exceptional early lantern and chamber clocks

Lantern clocks are the earliest form of domestic clockmaking that we can easily recognise. For many years, W.F.Bruce have specialised in the conservation and restoration of many outstanding lantern and chamber clocks.

In 2003 we presented, together with John Hooper, an exhibition of 23 lantern clocks, spanning the years 1615-1700. Featuring the work of some of the best early clockmakers, these included Thomas Harvie, William Bowyer, George Newton, Thomas Loomes and John Sellwood.

Ten years later, we were very fortunate to present another exhibition, which included a few truly exceptional examples, some from private collections. This time five clocks by the great maker William Bowyer were displayed. Additionally, a further 12 lantern clocks by other early London makers including Thomas Knifton, Peter Closon and Richard Ames were on show. Also featured, was the outstanding eight day lantern clock for Sutton Court, still contained in its wainscot case.

Returning to England after an absence of 50 years was the fine, quarter-striking clock by Master of the Clockmakers Company, John Shaw. Dated around 1695, this narrowly escaped being scrapped as part of the war effort.

Bowyer Lantern Clock, C.1630 John Shaw Lantern Clock, London

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